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Comedian, writer and actress Ali Wong returns to Netflix for her third original comedy special, Don Wong. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Ali reveals her wildest fantasies, the challenges of monogamy, and how she really feels about single people. Filmed at The Count Basie Theater in New Jersey, Ali Wong: Don Wong premieres globally […]

Sheldon and Leonard are geniuses. However, without their outgoing neighbor Penny they’d be lost. Especially when it comes to social skills. As requested… Penny’s Best Moments! The Big Bang Theory keeps us laughing episode after episode. Watch the full video below.

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, “That’s My Jam” is an hourlong music and comedy variety game show that draws inspiration from the most popular “Tonight Show” games. Each episode features two teams of two celebrities competing for a charity of their choice in a series of music, dance, and trivia-based games and musical performances. Watch as […]

What’s happening with Jimmy O Yang? Citizenship? Jimmy O Yang is HILARIOUS in this becoming an American comedy sketch! As Jimmy O Yang said, “It’s harder to get into Costco than it is to Mexico!” You know how to be PATRIOTIC!?Do as Jimmy O Yang did, go to hooters!

In HELL, imps are the lowest of the low in society, but what happens when one starts an assassin business? This happens! Follow Blitzo (the ‘o’ is silent) as he attempts to run a startup killing company in a very competitive market, along with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his powerhouse Millie, and his receptionist hellhound […]

Pete Davidson can always deliver. Especially when it comes to roasts. Pete can dish out the harshest burns. Watch the full video below.

It’s a family thing. Disney+ is celebrating 20 years of “The Proud Family.” Watch as they pay tribute to their hit series. They also introduce some of the star-studded cast of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. The new original series will be premiering in 2022 on Disney+! Watch the full feature below.

Ronny Chieng is sarcastic fun! He tells it how it is… the Asian way. “Vote for the Asians when you get the chance. We’ll work while you’re eating.” As campaign slogans go, it’s not half bad. Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America! is streaming now on Netflix. Watch the full clip below.

Insecure is back! The HBO hit series is set for their 5th and final season. The season will be 10 episodes long. Similar to Season 4, fans have anticipated Issa Rae’s comedy. Season 5 is set for a Oct. 24 premiere. The series will continue to air at 9pm/cst.

Jimmy Fallon has been known to be a man of many jokes! His guests and fans both love him. Recently, Jimmy challenged Dwayne Johnson. However, he didn’t stop there. Jimmy also challenged Shaquille O’Neal to games of Blow Your Mind! Watch the full antics below.

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