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Will Smith Is Masterful As Richard Williams In “King Richard”

Written by on 19 Nov 2021

Rating: 5/5

Review by Richard Caldwell

Greatness is one of life’s hardest jewels to capture. The road map to greatness is hard to find, but can be found. However, many don’t know where to begin the search and often give up trying to look for it. However, a special few people never stop looking and create their own road map in the process. Richard Williams created his own pathway to greatness for his daughters and “King Richard” dives into the story of how. Not only does this film give viewers an understanding of how Williams did it, but also why he felt it was necessary to do so.

“King Richard” follows the incredible journey of Venus and Serena Williams through the lens of their father Richard. Richard has often been outspoken, but his love for his children is unquestionable. Life can be hard and making your dreams come true isn’t easy. Especially when your obstacles are much larger than others reaching to obtain the same goals. However, anything is possible when you truly believe.

Overall, I loved this film. It’s a story of belief. The overall message is to speak life into your greatness. Everyone has a greatness inside of them, but only a few are capable of working hard enough to bring greatness out of themselves. Will Smith is masterful in his portrayal of Richard Williams. This film releases just in time for the holidays and families are sure to enjoy this one! Much respect to King Richard.

King Richard – HBO Max

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