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Laemmle Theaters To Add Virtual Theatrical Screenings Of “Last Call” Starting Friday, September 25

Written by on 23 Sep 2020

Laemmle theaters will add virtual theatrical screenings of the critically acclaimed LAST CALL from Friday September 25.

LAST CALL stars Daved Wilkins (The Mindy Project) and Sarah Booth (The Moodys) in a film that follows a suicidal alcoholic on the anniversary of his son’s death. When he attempts to call a crisis hotline, a misdial connects him with a single mother working as the night janitor at a local community college. The split screen feature showcases both characters in real-time as they navigate a life-changing conversation.

The film,the latest for award-winning filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth, is presented in a split-screen format over real time across two long takes shot simultaneously.

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