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“Guava Island” Feels Like Summer In This Musical Wonder

Written by on 13 Apr 2019

Dreams are glimpses of our past and sometimes into our future. What do you long to do? Who do you long to become? Love is the essence of the soul. An essence that ultimately leads us down our true path to who we will become. “Guava Island” is a film that examines both of those concepts, dreams and love.

Deni and Kofi are kindred spirits brought together by their mutual love. However, their love for each other is also separated by their dreams. The island of Guava was once a paradise, but it has been transformed by business interests. Deni longs to better the island. Kofi on the other hand has dreams of living a life free of Guava’s current state. These dreams and their love is where “Guava Island” begins to tell its story.

This film is very well put together. Its an honest tell of love, dreams, facing hardships and belief in people. Donald Glover and Rihanna are wonderful in their starring roles as Kofi and Deni. Overall I enjoyed this film a lot. I think this is a film that many viewers will find comfort in watching and will also enjoy. “Guava Island” feels like summer time!

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